Tutors are the backbone of our program and being one comes with lots of benefits!
  • All volunteer work is online, based on your own schedule.
  • Earn community service hours for tutoring English.
  • Meet friends the same age on our Discord server.
  • Most importantly, get the chance to become a mentor to a foreign student and guide them in learning a new language!

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 Branch Director 

Partners with schools (or similar institutions) in a foreign country and pairs up tutors with students. They will manage most if not all of the operations in that country and work closely with the presidents.
Note: country representatives NEED to reach out the schools themselves and get their approval first.

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 Trainee Team 

Works together to train incoming tutors on how to tutor and explain guidelines before tutors are paired up with their student.

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 Lesson Coordinator 

Creates lessons & curriculum for the students. Works with trainee team to ensure that all lessons are well-made and organized.

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 Illustrator Team 

Works with rest of team to create awareness-related, high-quality, well-researched posts on our Instagram. They also work on the website with the General Social Media Team. Together, they form the Social Media Team.

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Moderates the channels and manages the inner workings of the server.

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 Event Coordinator 

Sets up game nights, events, tournaments, etc. for the program's members to enjoy.

Applications are closed. Check back later for an opening or apply for another position!